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William Lis - owner/Operator of The Lint Doctor based in Bend Oregon

The Lint Doctor began in 2008 when my wife and I realized our brand new "high end" dryer was taking an extremely long time to dry our laundry. Not only was our new dryer a big disappointment, but the clothes came out smelling musty. It was then I decided to do some research, and proceeded to look into cleaning the dryer vent duct that ran under our home. 

What I found, were some alarming statistics on dryer fires that occur in our country every year. After removing a king pillow case full of smelly moist lint, dog hair and who knows what else, and replaced my old vent hood with a more efficient model, the problem was solved!

Next thing we knew we had reduced our drying time from 90 minutes to 35 minutes saving precious time and money on our utility bills and best of all, our clothes smelled fresh and clean!


The Lint Doctor business was born! We have the professional expertise to thorougly clean any dryer vent system and approach each job as if we were doing it for our own home. We pride ourselves in not only providing a professional service to our clients, but educating them on the benefits of maintaining a clean dryer vent system. Let us show you what a properly cleaned and safely operating dryer vent system can do for you!

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