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January 30, 2019

Yes, I know it’s January, 2019 – and I’m very remis in writing Bill this testimonial, but the fact that I’m submitting this letter of recommendation seven months later hopefully shows happy I was with the Lint Dr.  My husband and I run a small inn and do all of our own laundry on site, so you can imagine how much his service was needed.  He was very thorough and fully cleaned both our dryers and checked both exhaust systems.  He spent quite a bit of time explaining how the systems work and the importance of maintenance.  I can’t imagine ever having to call somebody else.  Thank you so much Bill!

Sincerely, Kathleen B.

August 27, 2018

Dr. Bill came to our house in Sunriver this morning giving us a courtesy call beforehand telling us he was running 15 minutes late.  That impressed us right away.  He was professional, respectful of us and our home and did one heck of a job on our dryer which hadn't been thoroughly or professionally cleaned since we purchased it in 2012.  Dryer vent cleaning is so important and we were delighted with all he did including changing the light bulb inside the drum which I had forgotten was even there.  He also drilled us on a monthly in-house maintenance program which we will diligently execute.  We highly recommend Dr. Bill and his high standard of excellence.

Diana and Lloyd S

April 11, 2018


Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to our home and servicing our dryer vent today!

You did an incredible job, and we were grateful for your expertise and suggestions for improving our set up. With pets, it is especially important to have our dryer vent cleaned annually! We were impressed with your attention to detail and friendly manner. Thanks again, and we have it on our schedule to recontact you next Spring for our next cleaning!

Micky K. 

April 6, 2018

We just had a visit with Bill to clean our dryer vent.  He was very friendly, very professional, and did a splendid job of cleaning our dryer vent as well as updating some materials and educating us on dryer maintenance.  Thanks to him, our dryer is now functioning in splendid order.  We thoroughly endorse him to anyone in need of similar services.  Thanks again, Bill.

Gerry and Elizabeth

January 28, 2018

On January 24, 2017, Bill (The Lint Doctor) came to clean our dryer vent based on a suggestion from a dryer repairman that had come the week before. We found that the vent had probably never been cleaned in the 15 years the house has existed and had a major blockage. Bill suggested we check inside the dryer too, which the repairman hadn't and found another total mess that was at risk of starting a fire.

Bill saved our dryer, and probably our house and maybe our lives. We are forever grateful and will have him out regularly to keep everything in order.

Bob B.

January 10, 2018


Thanks so much for coming out and cleaning our dryer vent yesterday.  It had been a long time since the first time you did that which was a real eye opener.  It's amazing how much lint builds up especially when you have a long run out. Purchasing our new dryer prompted us to think about getting that done again.  You scheduled us promptly and did a meticulous job as always. We really appreciate your diligence in making sure that the airflow is maximized for safety and performance.  What a great service you provide!  Thanks for the piece of mind.

Grace and Vince M.

December 22, 2017

Hi there,

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the service I received. This is the second time I have used the Lint Dr.  Bill shows up on time, very knowledgeable, friendly, and honest. He will do what it takes to get your dryer system clean. He even spent time showing me what he did, and more importantly, he showed me how to keep my system working at its best. 

I will definitely be calling Bill again. 

Thank you Bill for giving my family and I peace of mind knowing our dryer system is safe!

Ross C.

December 20, 2017

Hi Bill,

Thanks again for the great service yesterday, here is my testimonial.  Happy Holidays!

“Although reading through the testimonials of fellow neglectful dryer owners makes me feel a little less chagrined, I am so thankful that I found Bill and had him work his magic!  He was kind, instructive, very thorough in his work, and he taught me the key to long healthy dryer life:  regular duct and vent maintenance.  I’ll be happy to hire him back in a year (rather than waiting 8, like I previously did), and I’ve already recommended him to my friends."

Brenda J

December 14, 2017

Hi Bill,

I wanted to clean my dryer vent because it had been many years and our clothes were taking too long to dry. I like to do maintenance related work myself and I could have tackled this but I am so glad I didn't. He did a way better job than I could have. Bill is a great guy, professional, and over the top thorough. He has all the right tools and really knows his stuff. He removed a ridiculous amount of lint that had the vent completely blocked and he took care of several needed repairs. Our clothes smell fresh and clean.....and, now they dry 3 times faster. Best money ever spent. Thank you Dr Bill.

Rick and Bev
You-Tools, LLC 

December 12, 2017

I want to thank you for a great duct cleaning service.  Our dryer vent was clogged with dog hair etc. and had never been cleaned correctly in over 5 years. You took the necessary cleaning time and duct electronic readings to confirm the air flow discharge. You did not give up until the air flow in the duct was again flowing correctly.  If anyone is thinking of using your service and needs encouragement please have them call me. Thanks again for a great service.

Chuck N.

November 13, 2017

Thank you to the Lint Doctor! Bill is professional, courteous and fair. I was able to get an appointment in a timely manner and Bill explained everything he was doing so that I felt safe and understood the process. I appreciate his work ethic and know that I'll use him in the future, as well as recommend him to anyone in need of service.

You can't go wrong with The Lint Doctor!

Christina C.

November 3, 2017

We had the Lint Doctor visit our house today and I can’t recommend his services enough.  We have a long 30’ dyer vent under the house. Bill spent two hours cleaning the vent and replacing the outside exit vent.  He is extremely thorough, conscientious, friendly and professional.  It is  pleasure to do business with someone that cares about their work and the job they do. 

Thank you Bill!

Marty and Roberta C.

July 26, 2017

Thank you for taking care of our dryer! The Lint Dr. is truly a professional and he really cares about safety in the home. My dryer is working 10 times better than it was before the Lint Dr. cleaned the duct works. The Lint Dr. taught me how to keep my dryer running at its best capacity. Thank you so much! Your visit was quite enjoyable!

Mary L.

January 3, 2017


I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for fixing my horrendous dryer problem.  I had no idea things (aka - lint!) had backed up almost to the actual machine. You saved me from a potential disaster.

AND, just in case you wanted to know... my dryer works like a charm now!

Anne J.

December 10, 2016

Hi Bill

I can't tell you how much better my dryer runs since you cleaned the vent.  I bought this dryer in 2003 and had never had the lint vents cleaned. Oh my, what a difference this has made from reducing the drying times to how much fresher the clothes, sheets, and towels smell.

Thank you also for the instructions on how to keep the lint screen clean. I feel like I have a new dryer.

Thanks so much again for the job well done!

Judi V.

October 26, 2016

Dear Bill,

I really appreciated the time you took and the good job you did cleaning our 16 year-old dryer vent.  I can rest easy knowing it is clean, safe, and the birds can no longer nest in the outside vent.  Plus you gave me a lot of information about the care of the dryer seal and lint catcher, giving the lint catcher in the dryer a good scrub.  You also gave me information about replacing washer hoses to avoid a flood from aged hoses on my washing machine.  My neglected laundry room is back to brand new shape.  Excellent job and a pleasure to meet you.  Thank you.


Alice P.

October 21, 2016

My dryer was taking three hours to dry a load of laundry and I knew something was up.  I had no idea it was as bad as it was.  Bill was great!  He came right in and worked hard to get everything cleaned up and back in working order.  I had no idea how close to a dryer fire I might have been. Bill was very professional and provided a high level of service.  I would use him again in a heart beat.  Worth every penny!  Thank you Bill!

Rhonda S.


September 30, 2016


Thanks again for the outstanding service which you provided for our neglected dryer.  Our dryer vent was the 2nd worst of the week that you cleaned, but you cheerfully took care of it, taking out enough lint to fill a pillow and giving us great advice on preventative maintenance.  Our clothes dry way faster now, and we will probably see a reduction in our electric bill next month. We’ll definitely pass the word to our friends. There’s no need to shop around. 

Just call The Lint Doctor!

Gary and Sally Winter

July 15, 2016


Thank you so much for squeezing me in yesterday and doing such a thorough job with our dryer/vent system. You helped me out so much and I am eternally grateful for your service and great advice. Please find my testimonial below:

Bill, The Lint Doctor, came to my house to do a thorough check and cleaning of my dryer and vent system recently. Having been out of the country for two months, when I returned, my dryer smelled quite odd, and I was very concerned about what might be happening, internally. I got a recommendation for Bill from several different friends and acquaintances and called him. His response time was quick, and I was very grateful for the service he provided. Bill is professional, timely, efficient, provided excellent guidance for future safety, and has a friendly personality to top it off. The cost for his service was very reasonable and I appreciated how much he educated me regarding daily/monthly care of my appliance. If you have not had your dryer serviced, call The Lint Doctor!! Bill is the man for keeping you and your family safe and out of harm's way. Thanks, Bill, I am eternally grateful for all of your support, advice, and exceptional service!!

Martha C.

June 19, 2016

"Thanks for servicing our dryer a couple weeks ago at our home.

We were very pleased with the Lint Doctor’s service.  Our dryer works better and our home is safer – having the Lint Doctor clean your vents and check your dryer is a necessary safety measure all renters and home owners should have done.  Cheers!”

Sarah W.


February 27, 2016

We highly recommend the “Lint Doctor”..  Bill Lis is very professional and so helpful on fire prevention and keeping dryer running smoothly in order to avoid costs for a repairman.   He is an enjoyable person to converse with and we look forward to his visits. 

Bill and Meredith Lindsay

February 22, 2016

Our dryer is working like new thanks to Bill, The Lint Doctor! We highly recommend The Lint Doctor to anyone in the Bend area for a professional cleaning of your dryer vent at a very competitive price. Our clothes are cleaner, drying time is much faster and we have eliminated the chance of fire. He even gives veterans a 10% discount!

Barry & Ann S.
Northwest Crossing

May 15, 2015

Hi Bill, As a follow-up to your house call yesterday to inspect and clean our dryer vent, I thank you for your professionalism and your educational tips to make our home safer.

After years of cleaning my own dryer vent, I thought I had the technique(s) and information down pat. NOT SO!

Previously, I had no education regarding types of venting material or design of the outside vent when we built our home in 2005.We learned from you that our type of vent was inefficient; we also learned that the wire mesh placed over our vent created a potential fire hazard. We learned about the superior materials that you use for duct material instead of the petroleum-based duct composition used as a cheaper (and maybe unhealthier) duct substitute.

I wonder how many homeowners are aware of such details when their homes are constructed?

Never too old to learn!  I would recommend your service to everybody!

Our thanks again, Bill. Your service is invaluable.

Ruth & Jim Z
Bend, OR

March 9, 2015

I was a bit dubious about having The Lint Doctor Service. But let me tell you, I am 120% satisfied! Our dryer was not drying adequately, but I had done some service on my own. Well, there are so many things that I just didn't think about and are critical for the dryer's ability to function well. William is thorough and exact. He service is very complete and he is not satisfied until he has serviced everything. He pays attention to detail and I like that. I highly recommend him and will get the service again in a year. Don't wait. It will be worth it.

Bend, OR

March 2, 2015

Dear William:

We can’t thank you enough for taking care of our vent problem so quickly after we called. And, on a Saturday to boot. You were so great to explain the importance of keeping the dryer vent clean. We had just moved into this rental property and discovered our clothes taking 3 hours to dry one load. I was happy to find out it wasn’t the dryer and that it appeared this dryer vent had not been cleaned out since the home was built. This was such a positive experience and you were so very
helpful, informative and friendly.

Thank you,
Monica Service

February 27, 2015

Hi Bill,

I wanted to thank you for keeping the dryer vent clean and happy. You have been servicing my dryer for several years now and I always appreciate your prompt and friendly service, and great suggestions on how to take care of my washer and dryer. This maintenance item is one less thing to worry about when it comes to taking care of my home.

Many thanks,
Linda F

February 26, 2015

Bill came out to service the dryer and check for a possible clogged vent.  Not only was it clogged, it was 100% clogged with birds nests!  After finally breaking through the nest, Bill took extra time to make sure the venting system was completely clean and the nesting material was properly disposed of.  He also made sure to vacuum out any lint inside the dryer itself and replace the back aluminum tubing (which had nasty "nest like" stuff in it).  Bill was polite, professional and I will not hesitate to use him in the future and refer him to my friends.

Susan White 
Bend, OR

February 22, 2015

Hi Bill,

I wanted to write a review for you.  Thanks for your good work! So here it is:

Don't ever think danger doesn't lurk in your laundry room. I had called Bill based on a recommendation from someone to check out our dryer because it was taking too long to dry clothes.  To our horror, he discovered that the opening for the exhaust vent for the dryer which was under the house had been totally blocked during the final construction of our house.  Needless to say the whole exhaust tube was clogged with lint.  Bill cleaned it all out, gave us advice on how to get the system done right which we did.  He gave us a good education on how to maintain our dryer's ventilation/exhaust.  We were probably very close to having a fire in the machine.

We rest easy now with the whole thing repaired and call on Bill to keep it maintained properly.  Good service, thorough and professional and really knows what he is doing!


February 06, 2015

Thank you William Lis for your prompt courteous service!  Very professional and I learned a lot.  Mr. Lis reconfigured our outflow pipe for maximum efficiency.  Thank you again for such great service! 

Scott & Teresa Smith

December 04, 2014

We had our dryer vent duct serviced by Bill on 12/4/14. Having done this three years ago by someone else I did not expect that a lot of lint would be present. To my complete surprise Bill removed an incredible amount of lint which likely would have filled a pillowcase and in time probably would have resulted in a fire. We feel very fortunate to have been referred to him. He is a true professional...knowledgeable, thorough and reliable. I can highly recommend his service and in view of the rapid lint build up in our vent will be sure to have him come back on a regular basis.

Ralph Uri

November 21, 2014

Bill Lis (a.k.a. “The Lint Doctor”) came to our house in Northwest Crossing to service our dryer. As we had only been in this newly-built house for just over one year, we assumed the service would be pretty routine. But in checking out the dryer vent pipe in the crawlspace under the house, Bill discovered that the vent pipe had been covered over by plywood and siding during construction, and was not venting to the outside at all!!! Yikes! His careful, thorough inspection was a “save the day” happening, and we were greatly impressed by Bill’s attention to detail. We would never have discovered this on our own. Too many contractors fall into the “minimum service” mode; The Lint Doctor is clearly in the “maximum service” category.

Bill Valenti

November 19, 2014

We didn't believe that we needed the Lint Doctor: we always cleaned the lint filter of our front load, energy efficient dryer; we didn't experience increased drying times; and we had a short, straight vent.

But our dryer was nearly 10 years old and I just wanted to be sure that everything was "ok" ... well, it wasn't: Bill showed us that the front load dryer accumulates lint underneath the drum, on top of the heating element housing. And not only was there a very large lint pack inside of our dryer, it was dangerously charred.

I was incredulous.

I can only say: thank heavens we have the Lint Doctor in Central Oregon and thank heavens he was available!

Marie and Jack Matthews; Bend, Oregon
An August 2014 Customer

November 19, 2014

William was wonderful to work with and took great pride in his work! We loved working with someone so kind, professional and caring. Thank you!!

-The Hayes family

November 6, 2014

A big thank you to Bill Lis of The Lint Doctor for doing an excellent job cleaning my dryer vent.  It's a pleasure working with a contractor who takes pride in his work.  Bill surely does.

Ann Plummer
Bend OR

October 22, 2014

I recently had Bill out to clean my dryer vent. We are renting a home and just moved in 3 months ago and noticed that my clothes were taking an awful long time to dry. My landlord called Bill to have him take a look. My dryer vent was so clogged that I could have had a fire! He pulled out a large clump of lint that was charred and could have caused a fire at any moment. Bill was so careful and thorough about making sure that my dryer vent was completely cleaned out. He was at my house over 2 hours and made sure everything was perfect when he left. He also had some very good tips to keep my dryer in great shape. I found Bill to be very professional and I could tell he really enjoys what he is doing. I will recommend the Lint Doctor to all my friends. Thanks for doing such a great job! I feel much safer now!

Tammy Martin

October 6th, 2014

Would just like to give 100 Kudo’s to the Lint Doctor.  We have been using his service for about 4 years now and feel so much more secure knowing we can eliminate a dryer fire.  William is professional, on time, explains his service and very personable and friendly.  We recommend him to all !!! 

Thank you for your service,
Jim and Barbee Willoughby
Bend, Oregon


I cannot Thank You enough! Not only did you remove the large birds nest from my vent, you also identified other vent issues we had related to the recent painting of our house! Your tips on maintaining our new washer and dryer were so valuable! You've made it so I LOVE doing laundry now that I do not have to dry one load for hours!! Everyone who has a dryer should be calling you! Thank you!

River Rim

To those researching Dryer Vent Cleaning Services,

It's always a pleasure to get great service and when you call the Lint Doctor you'll get more than you expect from a typical service man.  First, the Lint Doctor is a more than a regular service guy.  He's a Specialist.  He knows dryer systems inside and out!  And his "dryerside" manner is excellent.  William CARES about your home, your safety and your health.  He'll spend the time to make sure your ducts, vents and dryer innards are in tip top condition and then walk you through the simple maintenance actions that will help keep them that way.  Who would have thought that there was more than just shoving your clothes through the wash cycle to keep your house safe, protect the value of your appliances and garments, and keep your utility bills in check!  Here's a doctor that wants you to be a partner in your dryer's and home's health!!  

I'm very happy to give the Lint Doctor a 5 star rating.  He tackled a vent system in my house that produced enough lint (and other scary things) to stuff a good sized bed pillow!  Using an air flow meter prior to, and after cleaning, he was able to document the effectiveness of his efforts, The result: a three time increase in vent discharge!!  That is sure to improve drying times, reduce utility costs, cause less wear and tear on my clothes, and extend the life of my expensive-to-repair or replace dryer.  

You can find other businesses that clean dryer vents as a sideline and charge a little less, but The Lint Doctor is a guy who is passionate about dryer vent safety and efficiency.  He even cleans inside your dryer and teaches you how to clean your lint filter effectively.  This guy is the Mayo Clinic of Dryer Vent Services!.  

Try the Specialist, you won't be sorry!!

Kevin Meyer
Awbrey Road, Bend
March, 2014

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